Sunday, November 4, 2018

Formula Feeding Tip

Two weeks ago we welcomed a babe into our lives.  Middle of the night formula feedings were inevitable, and here is what's working...

We have a water bottle that keeps it's contents hot or cold.  In the evening, we rinse it with hot water and then fill it with water the temperature that the formula should be.  As long as we close the lid all the way, the water stays just right to prepare bottles all night long!  No waiting for the water to warm up or having a bottle warmer or however we've previously gotten it just right!  Ah, such a pleasant discovery!

Saturday, November 3, 2018


There was getting to be some possessiveness and fighting over different Lego pieces.  So, we made an agreement...they'd finish up what they were building and then get pictures taken.  After that, I'd post the pictures with their explanations.  Here are their pieces.  Mn's wasn't the full and final, but was what he wanted posted.

Mn:  I built a farm and I made 2 cars. That's all.

Kj:  I have a house and a stagecoach. The stagecoach has a barrel on top. There is a man driving and a  man riding. The clear thing behind the man is a suitcase.  
My house has a coat closet, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen with a stove and sink, a living room with a fireplace, and a dining room. The man is eating salad. In the coat closet, there are skis that fit the Lego man.

L:  I made a Ice Cream shop, a House, and a Dock with a Boat. The Ice Cream shop also sold smoothies, and the Boat was a ferry.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Usually, use this to help learn borrowing and carrying, but if you're having a hard time figuring out coin value, this might be helpful.  (particularly, if borrowing is already a mastered skill)

So, here I am trying to subtract 16 from 32 (32 - 16).   

You can't do (2 - 6), so you borrow a dime and make it into 10 pennies.

Do the subtraction and here's what's left.

~ Once you've got these 2 coins down, add a dollar or one more coin at a time.

~ Each morning, have a pile of coins that can be counted up.  Use only the ones that have been taught, but keep adding more as you can.

~ Go to the grocery together, have them buy a small item with only coins and require them to make exact change.  (go at a slow time)

~ Use real coins instead of play coins, you only need to have a couple dollars worth on hand.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Sweet Cook

I have a little boy, who's getting to be a bigger boy, but every time I'm in the kitchen, he's right beside me.  Well, actually, he's in front of me.  Getting his stepstool right where I plan to stand.  By the stove.  By the island. Gathering supplies.  He's on it.  

He even goes as far as to tell L that she can't help with eggs because that's the guys job.  ;)  He browns hamburger, scrambles eggs, stirs the soup, makes the waffles...mixes most muffins, breads, desserts...

One day while the girls were trying a new recipe, they were told to swift the flour.  L and M were taking turns.  When it was M's turn, L says to him, "M, you are so patient."  He was doing a fine job.  Glad to hear encouraging words between the siblings.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Kids and Headaches

We've had a reprieve from headaches for several months, and then this week a few have hit in a row.  I suppose it is possible that it is a single headache that is just flaring up every now and then throughout the week.  But one or several, I am trying to teach my daughter how to deal with it.  She doesn't speak of it until it is so bad that she's crying, which is usually at bedtime, when all activity has ceased.  I keep telling her I can't help her unless she tells me early on.

Here are a few things that we repeat over and over to her:

*  Drink a big glass of water.
*  Use the peppermint oil roller on your forehead and back of your neck.
*  Don't accept sugar/candy/treats, at this time.
*  Drink another big glass of water.
*  Find a quiet and/or dark room to take a little rest.

Our last resort is Tylenol.

What are some of your tips??

Monday, August 14, 2017


I read the article: When your kids won't bow to your idols, this past week.  Then, this weekend we took care of 2 extra kids (3 years and 6 months) for a few days.  Through the weekend the thoughts from the article kept coming to mind.  How am I reacting?  What are my idols in this situation?  It really impacted how I dealt with having Baby L...not suddenly, but gradually.  Last night, she fell asleep in our arms and we tried to lay her down a couple times after only a minute or two of snuggling. 

Then, it occurred to me that babies were made by God to be snuggled by there mama, because every time I lifted her up and layed her head against my chest, she instantly fell asleep (instantly - true description!).  Oh, when I realized that, I savored that time with her, and cried over her loss.  After a good long snuggle, she layed down just fine!  Then again at 3:30 a.m. (she typically woke up around 5:30), I enjoyed a long snuggle instead of the frustration of a baby awake in the middle of the night.  This sweet, beautiful, smiley little girl needed that mama loving!  While Kevin is missing Brother N, I am grieving Baby L's loss and desiring to snuggle her again (and mostly because of the real life application of this article.  My idols: sleep, baby obedience a.k.a. control, and yep, hmm...control!).

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Grandpa Memories - L

  • I think about Grandpa too and it makes me sad.

  • I remember that he sat on a stool to make waffles for us and then when he was all done, he finished them.

  • The claw

  • He brought me to have ice cream and we went to a park.  Kj and Grandma went to the children's museum and went to the same park.  (but we didn't see them)

My sweet memory of L and Grandpa...He knew how to get a snuggle out of her.  She very, very, very strongly dislikes tickles and he would say, "I'm going to tickle you, unless you give me a hug."  It worked every time.  She would run into his arms and he always kept his word.  He didn't tickle her.  They had some of "the best" hugs/snuggles.